Main product: Theic,Tetrabutyl orthotitanate,Titanium(IV) isopropoxide,Titanium(IV) ethoxide,Titanium 2-ethylhexoxide,Cyanuric acid


Chemical name: Titanium(IV) ethoxide English name: tetraethyl titanate; tetraethoxy  titanium
Alias: Ethanol, titanium(4+) salt (4:1); Ethanol, titanium(4+) salt; Ethyl titanate; Tetraethyl titanate; Titanium(4+) ethanolate; Titanium ethoxide; titanium(4+) tetraethanolate; ethanolate,titanium Molecular formula: TI(C2H5O)4
Molecular weight: 228.15 CAS NO: 3087-36-3

Properties: colorless or yellowish transparent liquid。

Uses: the product can be used in producing adhesive for metal and rubber, catalyst for ester exchange and polymerization reaction, etc.

Packing: 25Kg, 200Kg iron drum, 1000KgIBC ton drum, or at customer's request.

Quality index:

Number Item Unit Specification Analytical method
1 Appearance ---- colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Visual inspection
2 Color APHA ≤100 HQP-806-1
3 Chloride ion ppm ≤50 HQP-802-1
4 Specific gravity 25℃ ---- 1.080-1.100 HQP-803-1
5 Titanium content wt% 19.80-21.00 HQP-801-1
6 Viscosity Cps,25℃ -70  

Test report:

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